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Manassas Chiropractors Treat You Like a Person, Not a Number!

For over twenty years, the doctors at Carlton Chiropractic have provided Manassas chiropractic patients with the utmost in personal commitment to each person’s unique health concerns. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Manassas who will listen to you and treat you like a person, not a collection of symptoms, Carlton Chiropractic is your alternative solution to better health.

As Dr. Ed Carlton explains, “We have specialized equipment for diagnosing and treating a variety of problems, as well as a very high success rate. We routinely treat patients who have ‘tried everything’ – even surgery – with no success, who are amazed when chiropractic turns out to be the solution to their problem.”

Carlton Chiropractic | Chiropractic and much more…

In addition to chiropractic, we offer the following services:

Whiplash Treatments
Decompression Therapy
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Interferential Electro-therapy
Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

If you are interested in getting to the cause of your
problem and finding a real solution for it, rather than
just treating the obvious symptoms, Carlton Chiropractic
can help.

Call our Manassas chiropractic office today – we’d love
to be your chiropractor!

Drs Ed and Paola Carlton : Carlton Chiropractic