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Dr Ed Carlton

Dr. Ed Carlton

My Chiropractic Goal for You!

My goal is to help as many people as possible live pain free lives. Whenever I see a patient at my Manassas Chiropractic office, I like to treat the whole patient, not just their individual symptoms. I especially love people like myself, who`ve been everywhere but still got no relief from their pain.

Chiropractic Education

I am a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College located in Houston, Texas. Previous to becoming a chiropractor, I worked as a mechanical engineer in a number of oilfield locations. My degree in mechanical engineering has really helped me in understanding the biomechanics of the human body. When studying to become a chiropractor for example, I found the study of how people walk can frequently lead to an accurate diagnosis of what their problem is.

Why I became a chiropractor

I was badly injured in an accident when I was twenty three. As a result of this accident, I suffered three herniated discs in my low back. After spending years on drugs, seeing multiple MD`s, and several stays in the hospital, a friend of mine referred me to his chiropractor. At the time, I didn`t even know what they were, let alone if they could help me! But after being in pain for so long, I was ready to try anything that might help.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find that yes, chiropractic could help me. It was this experience that led me to return to school, and become a chiropractor myself. I felt that if chiropractic could help make such a difference in my life, I wanted to make that kind of change in other people`s lives too.

My Personal Time

When not in the office I enjoy playing golf, because I think it` a great way to spend some time with friends and get outside at the same time. I`m pretty active and play racquetball in addition to my twice weekly workout sessions with my son, Robert. Evenings, I`m either reading, or watching the latest food network challenge with my wife, Paola.

Although I exercise regularly, I still get adjusted about once a week to avoid any return of my previous back pain. I no longer need any medications to feel good!

Dr Paola Carlton

Dr. Paola Carlton

I first started working in a chiropractic office when I was 16 years old.

I loved talking to all the patients and really loved the “homey” atmosphere we had there. Over the six years I spent at my chiropractor’s office I got to see a lot of people get better. When it came time to pick a career, my time in this healing place made it was easy for me to pick chiropractic as my future.

Chiropractic Education

My undergraduate studies at Seton Hall University gave me a firm foundation for my studies in chiropractic. In school, I most enjoyed the study of anatomy, because it showed how problems with your spine can lead to so many different problems. I graduated with honors from Texas Chiropractic College located in Houston, Texas.

My Philosophy

I enjoy getting to know my patients, because I truly enjoy being a part of their lives. I feel that if I can make a positive difference in their lives, I`ve accomplished my goal as a chiropractor. It`s a real pleasure to see people get better because they trusted me when they had a problem.

My Personal Time

As a mother of two teenagers, much of my free time is spent taking care of our busy household. However, I do get to enjoy my gardening, and trying out new recipes is one of my favorite ways to entertain myself.

My favorite form of exercise is cardiovascular, which I do regularly using my workout tapes and elliptical trainer. I only need an occasional adjustment monthly or so to stay in good shape. I help the kids by adjusting them regularly, which has helped avoid many injuries while they pursue their active lifestyles.

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