EMS for Soft Tissue Therapy

Many chiropractors and back specialists near Prince William County utilize EMS to treat back spasms and back pain. EMS is also very effective at treating headaches and other pain that results from neck injuries or whiplash.

Your chiropractor may recommend EMS therapy in addition to or instead of chiropractic adjustments. During EMS chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will place electrodes on your bare skin. These electrodes send very light electrical impulses to different areas of the body that increase with intensity as the chiropractic treatment progresses. Your treatment may last ten minutes or longer, depending upon your comfort level and needs.

EMS therapy relaxes tight, sore, or stiff muscles, and alleviates inflammation or swelling of the soft tissues. EMS therapy is often combined with other forms of chiropractic care for the most effective results. Your chiropractor may recommend EMS therapy, acupuncture, ultrasound therapy, chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation.

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