Treatments for Controlling Arthritis Pain

Luckily, chiropractic care can ease the pain, stiffness, and diminished range of motion associated with arthritis. A chiropractor in Prince William County can provide advanced chiropractic arthritis therapy that is tailored specifically to the severity, location, and symptoms of your arthritis.

LCT 1000 Laser Therapy is a high-tech, extremely advanced form of chiropractic care that is extremely effective on arthritis symptoms. This chiropractic treatment utilizes non-invasive cold lasers to restore damaged cells, increase circulation, treat calcified muscles and fibrotic adhesions, and reduce inflammation. Without relying on risky surgical procedures or dangerous prescription drugs, your chiropractor can significantly reduce, or eliminate, your arthritis pain.

To determine if LCT 1000 Laser Therapy is the right form of chiropractic care for your arthritis symptoms, your chiropractor will take a series of X-rays. He will evaluate your affected joints to determine the severity and extent of your joint degeneration. He can then develop the most effective chiropractic treatment plan for your specific needs.

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