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Back pain can be the result of a variety of things and can sometimes cause enough pain to be debilitating. Carlton Chiropractic uses many different methods to provide effective pain relief to patients in Manassas, Virginia.

Back Pain Q & A

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What causes back pain?

Back pain can result from a number of different causes. Most often these issues include muscle strains, ligament or tendon damage, spinal disc injury, subluxation of a vertebra, or even a combination of all of these. The result of these types of injury is inflammation and/or nerve pain, which can also translate into the musculature of the back. This type of pain can be a mild aggravation, or it can be significant enough to restrict movement, which can lead to reduced quality of life due to no longer being able to participate in your favorite day-to-day activities.

There are basically two types of back pain:

Acute – Usually the result of an active or sudden injury, such as from lifting something heavy, a fall, a sports injury, etc.

Chronic – This injury develops over time and thus has a slower onset. The exact cause can be a number of different factors, including wear and tear or disc degeneration.

What are the treatment options?

To determine your treatment, an examination, including X-rays, will be done onsite. From there, a treatment plan will be designed to get you pain-free again. If any muscle spasms or stiffness is present, electric muscle stimulation will be prescribed to soften the tissues and promote healing. For joint pain relief, the application of a specific, gentle chiropractic adjustment will be introduced to return the joint to a more normal function and ease the pain and inflammation. In cases involving sciatica, or if a herniated disc is suspected, the offices at Carlton Chiropractic are equipped with the latest in conservative technology for back pain treatment, including spinal disc therapy, and laser arthritis treatment for truly chronic cases.

Can back injuries be prevented?

Certain types of back injury can be avoided by taking the proper precautions. Poor lifting habits are the number one contributor to injuries in the back. Lifting incorrectly can cause sudden injury or gradual damage. Learning how to lift with the proper form keeps the muscles in the back stabilized, which will reduce the risk of strain or injury. Proper lifting technique starts by always bending at the knees and avoiding unnatural movements or twisting.


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