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Consistent headaches can be troublesome and affect quality of life. To ensure there is no larger underlying cause for headache pain, patients in Manassas, Virginia are encouraged to visit Carlton Chiropractic for treatment.

Headache Q & A

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Are headaches common?

Headaches can be a common occurrence, but they are not classified as normal. Chiropractors see many people every year who are suffering from headache pain. Most of these patients are frustrated and at their wit's end from lackluster treatments, including drug medications offered to them by their physicians and specialists. A lot of individuals often think that ongoing headaches are normal and wind up taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs in an effort to relieve the pain. But these types of drugs only work to dull the pain; they don’t treat the underlying cause. This is why the headaches will often return.

How does Carlton Chiropractic help?

If you have tried the traditional approach with little to no results, or you don’t want to take medication to relieve your pain, Carlton Chiropractic can offer many different solutions to resolve your headaches. Headaches are often the result of inflammation associated with tissues within the nerve in the cervical spine. Several nerves line the cervical spine up the head. Any subluxation of the vertebrae in your neck can cause your head to ache, sometimes severely. A proper diagnosis will be the key to successful treatment of your headache. Your first visit to Carlton Chiropractic’s offices will involve an examination to determine your specific needs and find out if you are a good candidate for chiropractic relief of your headaches.

What is treatment like?

Depending on the results of the diagnosis and your ongoing symptoms, X-Rays will be taken of your neck to visualize what the underlying alignment might be prior to deciding on care. Not all cases are accepted by Carlton Chiropractic. If we do accept your case, specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments will be used to remove the nerve irritation that may be causing your headache symptoms. The goal of this approach is to eliminate the cause of the headache on a long-term basis, not just treat the symptoms of the headache itself.


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